D. Mockus (2016)

D. Mockus. Tiesos debilams.pdf

D. Mockus. Anapus vaizdo ir veiksmo.pdf

D. Mockus. Visas žmogaus spektras.pdf

D. Mockus. Psichožvalgyba.pdf

Sąmonės teorijos prezentacija

D. Mockus. Psichotronika 2015-2016. 1 tomas

D. Mockus. Psichotronika 2015-2016. 2 tomas

D. Mockus. Psichotronika 2015-2016. 3 tomas


J. Radovičius „Sekimas: asmeninis liudijimas“ (2015)

J. Radovičius_Sekimas: asmeninis liudijimas


R. Duncan „The Matrix deciphered“

1_Title page

2_Bio of Author



5_History and Background

6_Lured by the Sirens of Truth

7_An Eye Upon You

8_The Psychology of Deception

9_Reign of Terror

10_Psychological Experimentation Cover-Up

11_Inside the Minds of Monsters

12_Putting it in Perspective

13_Hyper Geeking

14_The Psychology of MKULTRA Programs

15_Justice Denied

16_Anti-psychotronic theories

17_Next Gen Psychic Warfare

18_Entrainment Disruptors

19_Portable Bioelectric Field Scramblers

20_The Promised Land

21_Basic Hardware Architecture

22_Stop the Machine

23_The Final Destination


Jim Keith „Mind Control, World Control“

Chapter 1_Things to Come

Chapter 2_Lodge Brothers

Chapter 3_’Psyche’ out of Psychology

Chapter 4_Hey Teacher

Chapter 5_Tavistock

Chapter 6_Shocktroops

Chapter 7_OSS Origins

Chapter 8_Grey Eminence

Chapter 9_Enter the CIA

Chapter 10_Coming on to LSD